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Palm City Tap Handles

How it all started

Palm City Tap Handles was established July 1st, 2015 in Fort Myers, FL.  A guy with a little time on his hands went out to his garage to build a growler tote in honor of the State of Florida finally allowing 64 oz growler fills.  Little did he know at the time a new side project would soon be commencing, called Palm City Tap Handles.


That growler tote in July of 2015 led to Tap Handles, which eventually led to Magnetic Catch Bottle Openers, which then led to Jockey Box Covers and other brewery related items. The name of Palm City Tap Handles came about as a result of becoming the official Tap Handle maker for Palm City Brewing, opened by a good friend here in Fort Myers in summer of 2017.


From our humble beginnings, we have since become the supplier of Tap Handles for a handful of local SWFL breweries, as well as others outside of Florida.  We also have Jockey Box Covers and other brewery related accessories all over this great country of ours, and hope to continue to grow.


Quality products are handmade one at a time. Whether it is a Tap Handle or a Jockey Box Cover, each product is made with care with an attention to detail to ensure customer satisfaction.


Much like how the majority of all breweries here in the U.S. got their start, Palm City Tap Handles is a home based business. This allows for more affordable products to leave the shop, having less overhead costs to create each and every product.


Our products are easily customized with your logos or images. There is no artwork or set up fee because you are supplying your logo or image for your product. A paper to wood transfer is done to customize your products, then sealed with polyurethane to ensure your full color images will not fade.

Products for Every Level of Brewer

Whether you are a homebrewer with a keezer in the garage or a professional brewer operating a brewery, we have products for every level of brewer.  With no minimum order and no artwork set up fee, we can customize a single handle for a kegerator to bulk orders for a brewery’s distribution needs.